In Winter 2021 I was Artist in Residence at Hakoniemi Luova - Tila. The Residency is located on the island of Oravisalo, which is in the inland archipelago of Northern Saimaa, Finland. During my stay, I had the house by the lake to myself for most of the time. I interacted with the nature of Oravisalo - I explored and experienced the landscape through hiking and ice bathing in order to express it in art. Particularly, I was fascinated by the change of the seasons from autumn to winter. The growth of ice on the lake, the falling temperatures and the winter darkness have strongly influenced my work. In my video works, photographs and installations, I deal with elementary borderline experiences. I expose myself to extreme situations in order to generate artistic potential from these experiences. The extreme climatic conditions on site have inspired me greatly and helped me expand and refine the aspects of my artistic work. Living alone in nature as a hermit in sub-zero temperatures and prevalent darkness was very scary at times, but this challenge strengthened and shook me up. This gave me the urge to spark and awaken my own fire. Hours spent in the sauna gave me back my inner light - and the realisation of my connectedness to nature and the seasons.
2021, project during Artist in Residence at Hakoniemi - Luova tila, Finland